We exist at the intersection of creativity and technology to deliver excellent experiences and innovation. With a collaborative, agile process and cross-functional terms, we deliver a unique blend of design and development that creates an unmatched experience for your business.

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Software development

We believe that software should be more than just a tool you use to do your job–it should also help you enjoy doing your job. Your software should be a powerful, strategic tool that separates you from your competitors and makes your business more successful and valuable. Custom software delivers a unique experience that generates excitement and enthusiasm in your employees and clients.

Mobile Design and Development

In today’s digital economy, a website is a necessity, but it takes innovative web design to stand out in the market and propel your business ahead of the competition. We work closely with you to create custom, interactive experiences that clearly communicates your brand value and helps drive your business goals. We invoke interaction at every step to keep your site visitors engag

Web Design and Development

Great websites aren’t just visually compelling; they also deliver a great user experience. That’s why user experience is at the forefront of our design decisions and development processes. To ensure that your site visitor is never confused or lost, we create website experiences that are not only intuitive to use, but deliver value to your customers.

Branding and Advertising

Branding does more than merely identify your company to your consumers; it provides an emotional connection that enables them to embrace you and prefer you over your competitors. It solidifies your message, identity, mission, and purpose. It is, in short, the essence of your company, services, and products encapsulated in a mark, font treatment, and color combination.

Motion Design

Creating everything from music videos to cartoons to interactive infographics and special effects for movies and television, the OTEX Motion design team executes stimulating visual effects, we love collaborating with clients to determine what Motion opportunities they can pursue.

Marketing and Strategy

Marketing as you know it has evolved. In order to make an impact on your market, you need a mix of traditional and digital marketing knowledge. This new landscape is multi-faceted, ever-evolving, and vitally important to your business success. In order to navigate this territory, you need a firm understanding of all aspects of this new marketing mix, including Social Media, Emails, Websites, Microsites, Landing Pages, SEM, SEO, and Content. In marketing your business, we help coordinate and optimize all these elements to ensure consistency, cost-effectiveness, and maximum impact.